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At the crossroads of uncertainty & opportunity, how do you Navigate Forward? This podcast focuses on making smart choices in a rapidly changing world. Lisa Thee investigates the challenges of being at a crossroads (societal, business, & personal) and finding the opportunities that arise out of disruption. Listen in on Lisa's future-forward conversations with the brightest luminaries, movers, and shakers. She digs into topics such as elevating the human experience, evolution of business, workforce of the future, and fascinating technologies powering the age of digital transformation. Let’s Navigate Forward together and create what’s next! Podcast sponsored by Launch Consulting: launchconsulting.comABOUT THE HOST, LISA THEE. Lisa leads Launch Consulting's Data for Good practice, helping the world's most innovative healthcare, technology, and gaming companies to accomplish some very ambitious goals such as improving digital safety, anti-toxicity, upskilling programs for diverse populations, and applying AI/machine learning for innovation in healthcare. Lisa founded a safety focused software start-up - one which helped scale a leading Cybersecurity AI company to a $40M valuation, and she serves on the Board of Directors for 3 Strands Global Foundation and the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy. Lisa was named to the Top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Disruptors List, and has a TEDx talk coming in 2021 on the topic of "Using AI to disrupt Human Trafficking in the Digital Age."
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