Navigating Forward

Navigating Information Security: Matthew Rosenquist

December 14, 2021 The Human Impact Studio
Navigating Forward
Navigating Information Security: Matthew Rosenquist
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Matthew Rosenquist is an industry-recognized pragmatic, passionate, and innovative CISO and strategic security expert with 30 years of experience. On this episode, Matthew talks about cybersecurity and the challenges it comes with. In addition, Matthew highlights the fast moving cryptocurrency market along with the pros and cons of this new digital currency. Matthew shares some personal stories when it relates to cybersecurity attacks as well as countries that have dealt with similar issues. Listen all the way through for more information on how to “Keep Up With Matt”.

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Background Information and How it Helps You Be Effective Today
Privacy vs. Public Safety
Cybersecurity Breaches
How Is the Industry Prepared
Balancing Immunity within Communications Act 230
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