Navigating Forward

Navigating Software Platforms & Organizational Effectiveness: Robert Duffy

September 29, 2021 The Human Impact Studio
Navigating Forward
Navigating Software Platforms & Organizational Effectiveness: Robert Duffy
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Robert has spent the last 20 years working on industry leading software platforms. Building the culture around them, driving adoption across 100-1000 team organizations, and delivered on the promise of business agility. In his journey, he wasn't afraid to tear apart monoliths, consolidate repetitive systems, fully automate developer workflows, and migrate many things to many clouds.

If theres one thing he's learned, it's that platform success is achieved fastest by focusing on people. You have to sell the vision, get the buy-in, build the team, create collaboration across massively distributed teams, make sense of inter-team dependencies, and manage change. These challenges are as large, if not larger, than the technical challenges.

At the crossroads of uncertainty & opportunity, how do you Navigate Forward? This podcast focuses on making smart choices in a rapidly changing world. We investigate the challenges of being at a crossroads (societal, business, & personal) and finding the opportunities that arise out of disruption. Listen in on future-forward conversations with the brightest luminaries, movers, and shakers. We dig into topics such as elevating the human experience, evolution of business, workforce of the future, and fascinating technologies powering the age of digital transformation. Let’s Navigate Forward together and create what’s next!

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Background Information and how it helps you be effective today
Challenges of being a "Change Agent"
Benefits of Employee Inclusion throughout the Companies Journey
Advice on Increasing Productivity
How do you use Data and Technology to accomplish your goals?
What Motivates You? What Is Your Why?
Learning from Failures
How do you Build Yourself Back Up?
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