Navigating Forward

Navigating Resiliency: Lydia Henshaw

May 11, 2021 The Human Impact Studio
Navigating Forward
Navigating Resiliency: Lydia Henshaw
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Lydia Henshaw is passionate about building self-confidence and resiliency in girls. Pre-teen and teen years are a time for girls to discover who they are. These years are full of possibilities, but also come with challenges often faced for the very first time that can falsely define a girls limitations. This is why Lydia founded Moxie Girl - an accessible, action-oriented online platform combined with the personal connection of real, relatable near-peer mentors and peer community - to build girls’ self-confidence, so they feel free to go for it.


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Career Journey Leading Up To Entrepreneurship
How has COVID affected entrepreneurship
Impact on Capital since remote working
Overview on Telehealth (Tweens/Teens)
Highlights on Moxie Girl/ Mental Health
COVID affect on Mental Health
Whats your why?
What do you do to recharge?